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The PhRMA Foundation Sabbatical Fellowship in Pharmacology/Toxicology provides stipend support for individuals engaged in a multidisciplinary research training program that will create or extend their credentials in pharmacology or toxicology. The purpose (intent) of this program is to enable faculty with active research programs to work outside of their home institution for periods of 6 months to one year to learn new skills or develop new collaborations that will enhance their research and research training capabilities in pharmacology/toxicology. Applicants are expected to engage in multidisciplinary research that integrates information on molecular or cellular mechanisms of action with information on the effect of an agent in the intact organism. It is anticipated that this research experience will occur in academic and/or industrial laboratory settings as part of a multidisciplinary team organized to integrate informatics, molecular, cell, and systems biology with pharmacology/toxicology research.

The applicant and mentor of the program must describe how the multidisciplinary goals of the research experiential program will be accomplished and provide assurance that key collaborating mentors endorse and are willing to support the plan. Matching funds must be provided by the home institution.


Eligible applicants must (1) hold a Ph.D. degree or appropriate terminal doctorate and record of research accomplishment in a field of study logically or functionally related to the proposed post doctoral activities, (2) hold a faculty appointment that imparts eligibility for a sabbatical leave from their home institution, (3) have institutional approval of a sabbatical plan that includes partial salary that matches the PhRMA stipend, (4) hold an endorsement from a mentor who agrees to sponsor the applicant's visiting scientist activity, and (5) be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Applications are to be submitted via the Foundation website and received by September 1, 2014.  Applications will not be accepted after the deadline date. 

The Award

Provides up to $40,000 stipend support for mid-career scientists to engage in an academic year or calendar year experiential program intended to redirect their core research focus to an area of emerging importance to pharmaceutical research and development. The program provides no other subsidies (travel, tuition, fringe benefit costs, etc.) and indirect costs to the institution are not provided. It is expected that the fellowship will be administered in accordance with the prevailing policies and procedures of the institution. Successful applicants will have approval for a sabbatical leave from their home institution, and a commitment to host their experience from a research mentor in an environment other than the applicant's home institution. These funds are not transferrable. 

NOTE: Awards may be activated beginning January 1, 2015 or on the first day of any month thereafter, up to and including December 1, 2015.

Sabbatical Fellowship Application Components

1. General Registration Information
2. Applicant CV or bio sketch
3. Extended Letter
This letter is an opportunity to tell us who you are and to detail your plans for your future. Include a synopsis of your career, tell us your interests and describe your desired future career path. Your letter should not exceed 2 pages of size 12 font.
4. Research Abstract
An abstract of approximately 200 words concerning the proposed research plan
5. Research Plan
The applicant must prepare a comprehensive statement, not to exceed eight single-spaced pages of size12 font of the plans for research, and for education and training in this discipline. Applicants are requested to use a format similar to that specified for the submission of grants to the National Institutes of Health, which includes a description of the objective(s), rationale, methods of approach and a bibliography of major references (the bibliography is not included in the eight page limit). Preliminary results should be included in the narrative of the research proposal and reprints of up to three key papers may be included.
6. Department Chair’s information including an email address.
The home department chair must provide a letter of recommendation and confirm approval for the sabbatical leave.
7. Department Chair Information and letter of reference.
The host department chair must provide a letter identifying the department of the institution in which the position and training will be established and its affiliation with whatever other departments may be jointly involved in said training.  The letter should identify other individuals with whom the applicant will be directly involved and in what fashion and the date on which the position described will be started.
8. Sponsor information and bio sketch
The letter should include a brief description of the training and research facilities that will be available to the candidate at the host institution and an indication of approval of the applicant’s plan from all collaborators participating in the sabbatical activity.
9. Information and letters of reference from up to 3 other individuals
familiar with your scientific career.
10. Reprints
Copies of relevant articles published by the applicant.

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